Money-saving, waste-preventing, cookery courses and tips!

We’ll help you make the most of your food through our engaging sessions that are designed to improve your cookery skills, help you make healthy choices, and fight food waste in the home, so you can eat well for less and reduce your environmental impact. From online videos to live cook-alongs, you'll learn small, lasting and effective changes to the way you plan, shop and cook your meals, suitable for any budget.

Food Saving Articles

Find quick and easy ways to access food, fight food waste, and eat healthily and with some simple advice.

Digital Guides

We have converted our physical booklets into digital guides for everyone to read! Our booklets are packed full of handy tricks for reducing your household food waste, recipes to try and our top tips for saving money. If you give anything a go in our booklets, we would love to see it! Share feedback with us or post a picture of meals you've made and tag us on social media @ukharvest. 

Eat Well, Spend Less

Our 'Eat Well, Spend Less' booklet is packed full of useful information on eating healthy and reducing food waste, enjoy our top tips, recipes and handy links. 

Click here to download the Welsh Translation!

Food & Fuel: Recipes and Top Tips

Food & Fuel is a project which is helping school children, their families and the wider community, save money by reducing the Cost to Cook by exploring fuel efficient cooking methods. This booklet highlights the wealth of material on our Food & Fuel webpage, including cost-efficient recipes, a range of informational resources and cook-along videos designed for everyone!

Food Waste Education Pack for Primary Schools

Welcome to UKHarvest’s Food Waste Education Pack for Key Stage 1 & 2, funded by Pollen and Grace. This pack provides five 15-minute activity sessions with easy-to-follow resources to help teach and understand some of the issues surrounding food waste in the UK.

'Love your Leftover' Recipes

These budget-friendly recipes help fight food waste by including our favourite food-saving tips as you cook.

Join our online events

Our free online events are suitable for everyone! Click on an upcoming event below to find out more.

The Hairy Harvesters!

Join our lovely chefs Roger and Simon in making some simple delicious recipes, along with fun challenges and laughter. Click here to subscribe to our Youtube channel.


Why should I reduce my food waste?

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The average UK family throws away £730 of food* that could've been eaten each year! Not only is this a waste of money but it damages the environment by wasting precious energy, carbon and resources.

So many of us waste more food than we realise, but with advice from storing food correctly to fridge raiding recipes, it’s easy to make the most of your food. We’ll share our money-saving, waste-preventing, kitchen tips through fun interactive sessions.


Who are UKHarvest?

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You’ll be in good hands with the team from UKHarvest, the charity on a mission to Nourish Our Nation. Our team of professional chefs, qualified nutritionists, inspiring teachers and food waste experts have a wealth of experience and have specifically developed this course to be engaging and educational.

UKHarvest is here to protect the environment by rescuing good quality food destined for landfill and to educate on nutrition, cookery skills and reducing food waste in the home.

What our participants say

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“First of all I want to thank you and your team for all that you have taught me. Our whole meal plan has changed. We waste very little food, I feel confident in cooking the meals that you taught me, I feel quite proud of myself creating these tasty dishes. I am more inclined to eat. Our food bill has gone down. Thank you again for all that you have taught me.” – Sarah, March 2022

Learning hands on cookery skills, cutting peppers and potatoes
Enjoying learning to cook

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