Find National Food Support

If you need immediate support please get in touch with any of the following organisations who may be able to help. Each scheme works differently, but you’ll be able to gain access to healthy, nutritious food. 

You can access food and support at our London based Nourish Hub, our Community Food Hubs across the Chichester District, and events across Southern England. For everywhere else please take a look at these national schemes: 

Healthy Start:

If you’re more than 10 weeks pregnant or have a child under 4, you may be entitled to get help to buy healthy food and milk. 

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Your Local Pantry: 

When you become a member of a Pantry, in exchange for a small weekly subscription you will have access to food that you choose, including fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and store cupboard favourites, which will often be worth £15-20 or more. 

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Find a Trussell Trust foodbank near you: 

Food banks provide a minimum of three days’ emergency food to people in crisis, alongside additional support and are available across the UK. 

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Independent Food Aid Network:

The IFAN member organisations operate throughout the UK and provide food aid and support to people in a variety of ways, including foodbanks and cash first referral leaflets. Find one of their 550 independent food banks  here

Their 'Worrying About Money?' cash first referral leaflets are for people facing money worries or financial crises - and support workers - to quickly see which local agencies can help. 

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Salvation Army: 

The salvation army have centres across the UK and can provide support for those in need. Many of their centres offer Food Parcel Vouchers and some of their centres operate their own food banks. 

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Citizens Advice: 

If you can’t find the support you need near you, contact Citizens Advice and they’ll put in you in contact with local support. They can also offer home visits depending on your circumstance. 

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