Our Mission

We are on a mission to prevent food waste and food insecurity by enriching and educating our communities.

how we make it happen

Care for our people, communities and our planet.

Expand our social enterprise opportunities.

Work collaboratively with local communities, stakeholders and partners.

Educate everyone on how to prevent food waste and cook well for less.

Our Behaviours


Proactively seeking partnerships.


Prioritising our service users' needs - all else will follow.


Leading with integrity, teamwork, and respect.


Leading the way in sustainable focused solutions - finding new ways to solve problems.


Demonstrating a can-do approach.

About us

UKHarvest is a leading environmental and social impact charity dedicated to preventing food waste and food insecurity. By enriching and educating our communities we help nurture those most food insecure, to live well, age well and to help combat social isolation. From our food rescue operation to our education programmes, to our award winning Nourish Hub, every initiative we offer brings people together for the most meaningful impact.

We collect perishable food from places like supermarkets, hotels, wholesalers, farmers, stadiums, catering companies, shopping centres, cafes and more, delivering it for free to charities and individuals throughout the UK. We use the food as a medium to engage communities and teach people to reduce household food waste so everyone can join our mission!

Make an impact today

Join our mission today and make an inpact in your community! Your support will help us to end food waste and help ensure the vulnreble members of society can access healthy food.