10 tricks to keeping healthy on a budget!

Eating healthily doesn’t need to break the bank. Drinking more water, taking a walk around the park and going to bed an hour earlier are all FREE and can help improve your physical and mental health!

1 : Carbs are good!

Keep your energy up, fill a third of your plate with healthy carbs – brown rice and pasta, potatoes and sweet potatoes, wholemeal bread and grains will keep you going all day!

2 : Five a day

We all know about having 5 a day, but did you know these can be tinned, frozen or fresh! Fruit salads and vegetable soups are the perfect way to get all you need in one hit. Eating seasonally can reduce your food bill too.

3 : Add fish or vegan alternatives for Omega 3

Fish can be expensive, and intimidating to cook but using tinned or frozen fish is just as good. Smoked fish in another great way to eat fish, in a pie or with a salad. Vegan sources of omega 3 could include chia seeds, flaxseeds, walnuts and seaweed.

4 : Substitute saturated fat and sugars with natural products

We all love our treats, but many come packed with fats and sugars. Try fruit or dried fruit as an alternative when craving a sugary hit, or butter and olive oil instead of processed fats.

5 : Put the salt away!

Lots of foods are naturally salty. Try adding feta, anchovies or capers to a dish as a more balanced salt option.

6 : Get Moving

Help your body and your mind with 20 mins exercise a day. Could be a stroll around the park, or something more vigorous but doesn’t need to be strenuous! Keep moving!

7 : Water! Water! Water!

We often feel hungry when we’re thirsty. Before grabbing a snack, try drinking a glass of water. Hydration is the key.

8 : Breakfast is your friend

It’s hard to think about food first thing in the morning but if it’s too busy, or you run out of time before you leave the house each day, grab some fruit and an energy bar to get your metabolism going.

9 : Rest is good

Getting enough, or nearly enough sleep can do wonders for your eating habits. The more tired you are, the more likely you are to grab a snack to get you through the day.

10 : Talk and Connect

Believe it or not, communicating with people is fantastic for helping with healthy eating. If you have worries or concerns about your diet, or just need a rant about finding a healthy option, there is always someone who will listen and help, over a coffee or the phone.