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World Environment Day at The Amberley Museum

Last weekend, we were blessed with sunny skies, summer vibes and a sea of smiles as we celebrated WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY at The Amberley Museum. 

As a food waste charity, fighting climate change is a big motivation for us as 1/3 of all food produced is wasted! This contributes to 10% of man-made greenhouse gasses - an environmental disaster that needs to change. So we were more than happy to join The Amberly Museum on this day, raising awareness and showing people how easy it is to make a difference.  

In the UK the majority of this waste comes from the home, with families throwing away £60 of edible food every month!  When we throw away edible food we waste all of the natural resources, energy and labour involved in producing, storing, transporting and cooking that food, on top of the greenhouse gasses produced in landfill. So it’s down to us to make this change happen.  

We were spreading this message and giving out free wonderfully aromatic herbs kindly donated from Vitacress, including parsley, sweet basil, Greek basil and chives which we were thrilled to be able to hand out to all the families who attended. THANK YOU VITACRESS!!! We also gave out donated fresh chillies and sweet potatoes paired with our ‘to die for’ sweet potato brownie recipe cards. 

If that wasn’t enough, it was delightful to enrol lots of eager young people as FOOD WASTE WARRIORS as we tasked them with designing ‘LOVE YOUR WONKY VEG’ posters which were proudly displayed in the glorious sunshine, on the stand. We had wonky broccoli, curvy carrots, and conjoined tomato's, all promoting the acceptance of uniquely shaped fruit and veg! 

One of the drawings has even taken up a position on our education facilitator Donna’s desk as, to quote Donna, ‘If I was a carrot, this is what I would look like!’ 

A BIG thank you to our brilliant volunteers who made the day so enjoyable with their ever-contagious enthusiasm and Amberley Museum for inviting us to be part of such a memorable event. We can’t wait to do it again next year!’ 

Together we can fight food waste to help end global warming! 


Did you know that the Foodchain is responsible for 18% of all UK energy use?! 

‘People are all different... so why not vegetables? You wouldn’t throw out a person for being different so don’t do it to veg!’

- wise words from one of our Jr Food waste Warriors! -