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Nurturing our nation’s bright young minds

At UKHarvest, we know how important it is to nurture the bright young minds of our world, as they are, after all, the future of our country. We work with many organisations supporting young people in different ways, such as youth groups, nurseries, schools and housing support.

We deliver food to assist with cooking programs, support educational sessions and provide general wellbeing through nutrition to vulnerable young people in our community. I don’t know whether you have ever tried to concentrate in school when you’re hungry, but it doesn’t work!

Newhaven foyer, as a supported housing service offering accommodation and support to young people. Education plays a massive role in their work, helping their recipients to develop essential skills, to build a sustainable future. Think of it like building a tower, the foundations need to be set down before any building can begin.

As part of their ‘Passport to Independence’ programme, which offers both 1 to 1 and group sessions to recipients, they run a series of cooking workshops, all with donated food. We at UKHarvest, have been donating food to support these programmes, where they cook everyday meals selected by residents and their children, in addition to cake baking and of course the occasional pancake!

‘The workshops help us to take a bit out of our day to make something really nice. Working together in the kitchen is like being with a family.’

-A resident at Newhaven Foyer

Their service also provides support to young mothers and their babies, who use the fresh fruit and veg provided in ‘weaning workshops’. Because babies grow so fast, it’s so important that they get the right nutrition so they can grow into healthy happy children! Residents with babies 6 months and over, peel, chop and puree fruit and veg- placing into ice cube containers for a waste free baby weaning meal (as they can be easily frozen, which we love!).

For more ways to fill your freezer and prevent waste, here are some of our easy recipes to try at home: