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Thoughtful, fun and confidence building

‘Thoughtful, fun and confidence building.’ 

- Lovely words to hear from a participant describing one of our education courses. 

Running from 2020, our online cookery courses have been a huge hit with participants joining our love for all things food related (especially how not to waste it!). From pizza to dahl, we have been blown away by the results that an extra bit of support can provide, with some wonderfully colourful and delicious dishes served up by participants each week. 


UKHarvest are on a mission to ‘Nourish our Nation’ by eliminating hunger and food waste across Southern England. Our education department, NourishEd, provides free education sessions to help people develop their culinary expertise and cook delicious and nutritious meals, all while on a budget and eliminating food waste. We help individuals who lack confidence or variety in their diet, opening doors to the exciting world that cooking at home should be. 


Coming on board after suffering from depression and anxiety during lockdown, Stacy was keen to expand her knowledge of cookery and food waste prevention. ‘I tend to eat the same meals week in week out’ she told us, ‘Now I’m more experimental. That fear has gone, so I’ll try more meals from scratch and not worry if I get it wrong.’  


She particularly enjoyed our pizza recipe, a firm favourite amongst our participants, saying 'I’ve made it 3 or 4 times since the course. I made it for some friends.' We also use yoghurt in the recipe to add an extra hit of flavour, protein, and calcium to the base, and substitute yeast for baking powder. Not only is this a tasty recipe, but Stacy mentioned. 'With health issues I struggle with proper dough but I love Pizza.’ 

If you're interested in trying out our pizza recipe click here.


We encourage cooking seasonal veg, as reduced air miles are great for the planet, so it’s only natural our courses can be suitable to vegetarians and vegans. Eating a lots of veggie meals is a brilliant way to easily clip the cost of your weekly shop, as you can load up on fruit, veg and pulses for the same price of a small quantity of meat. This suited Stacy well, saying 'I’m a vegetarian, didn’t have a clue how to cook lentils. Now I’ve done it, now I have the attitude if I make a mistake, I don’t worry.' 


The group format has proved to create a lovely supportive atmosphere, with everyone sharing their progress and achievements as well as connecting people who are keen to improve together. Most of all though, we want all participants to enjoy their time learning with us and geeking out over healthy food and fighting waste!


‘The course was a godsend on a Thursday it was something to really look forward to.’  


If you would like to learn with us, click here to see upcoming courses.