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How You’ve Helped This Christmas!


We always feed those who are most in need, but your generous donations have allowed us to go the extra mile! We’ve reached our target of fundraising £40,000, so thank you so much to everyone who has donated. Not only will we continue to deliver our food parcels and education sessions up until Christmas Eve, we’ve also been able to reach even more people because of your donations.

Since we launched our Christmas campaign, here are a few key achievements:

  • Over 1000 Christmas hampers delivered to households and local charities.
  • Delivered food to an additional 40 organisations, from nurseries in Chichester to food banks in Croydon.
  • Provided support to over 300,000 people allowing them to access nutritious food.
  • Given extra support to 200 families who will miss out on school meals this holiday.
  • Delivered 150 food parcels directly to individuals’ doorsteps.
  • Donated 25,000 portions of turkey for Christmas dinner.

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Surplus Food Stalls

From quality turkey to porridge oats, we’ve given an incredible amount of food to families who may need a little extra help this Christmas. Over the last couple of weeks we have set up a ‘Surplus Food Stall’ at local schools, so parents and guardians can collect food needed to get through the holidays. Thankfully we’ve been able to supply not only essentials but also the items that make a Christmas dinner what we know and love.

To 200 families who needed the extra support at schools we’ve provided:

  • 1 tonne of quality turkey breast
  • 250 whole pheasants
  • 400kg of sausages
  • 600 cans of soft drinks
  • 200kg of savoury snacks and crackers
  • 300kg of porridge oats


The Sylvia Beaufoy Centre – Food Education

As a Christmas special, we provided a live education session to the young people we help at The Sylvia Beaufoy Centre, teaching valuable cookery skills and creative ways to reduce waste over Zoom. Our professional chef led the session, showing our favourite way to prepare and cook a barramundi for the whole family. The Instagram worthy fish and rice dish, was a healthy meal enjoyed by all! Throughout the evening we shared food facts and tips on reducing food waste in your home, which led to great discussions with the group at the end of session.

The live education session we hosted was brilliant opportunity for us to meet the families we help, have a conversation and enjoy an evening together. We are delighted to continue to work with The Sylvia Beaufoy Centre, and continue to deliver food parcels to the youth group, along with a recipe and a Hairy Harvesters’ cook-along video; this week they are cooking pheasant casserole

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Doorstep Delivery

This Christmas we are proud to work with Spring and A2 Dominion, to supply 47 households with Christmas goodie boxes. Each resident was given a Christmas hamper full of Christmas treats, such as mince pies and Christmas crackers donated by Spring, and UKHarvest added a turkey and a few other seasonal ingredients to make that Christmas roast extra special.


Doubling our Freezer Space

We’ve already outgrown our 15m² walk-in freezer, so we are doubling our freezer space! As our operation continues to grow this vital extension means we will rescue even more food. We can’t wait to work with even more charities and individuals because of this development.


Thank you so much for all your donations, we look forward to our continued growth and working with even more charities, organisations, and individuals in 2021!