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The Sylvia Beaufoy Centre

We enjoy working closely with The Sylvia Beaufoy Centre, as they create fantastic cooking evenings for young people in Petworth and surrounding areas. The Centre provides informal learning qualifications and skills for life, and so is the kind of venue we love to help!

Every week they meet to create a one of our healthy recipes in an evening full of fun, while learning valuable culinary skills. We’ve been providing the venue with the ingredients required to cook one of our handpicked Hairy Harvesters cook-along videos, so far including burgers, toad in the hole and pizza.

Of course, the UK’s COVID-19 restrictions have meant doing things slightly differently and their cooking club is no exception. The recent lockdown has meant they’ve moved online, running a virtual club in the participants own home. This has been a success with parents noting they have never heard so much laughter coming from the kitchen before!

We spoke to Dan, one of  The Sylvia Beaufoy Centres Youth Leaders who said “The young people love it so much it’s like Christmas every week, it’s making such a big difference, like you wouldn’t believe! We have had lots of comments from families saying it’s amazing what we are doing and that it’s so nice to have the young people cook a family meal.”

We think it’s great that this charity is still doing the work it was founded to do 60 years ago, and we are proud to support such a movement. We look forward to continuing working with them and receiving further images of their mouth-watering dinners.

The Petworth Youth Association and the Sylvia Beaufoy Centre are the legacy of Sylvia Beaufoy, a resident of Petworth. She formed the PYA as a charitable trust in the 1960’s to provide a much-needed facility in a rural area where young people could meet.