Barfoots reaches milestone donation to UKHarvest  

Since inception in 2017, UKHarvest, West Sussex based food rescue and redistribution not-for-profit operation, has worked closely with global food producers and distributors, Barfoots, to ensure that any surplus food generated from their vast international growing programme is redistributed to those that need it most in our communities through an easy and cost-free chain of collection and redistribution.  

UKHarvest are thrilled to announce that Barfoots have donated the equivalent of 1 million meals, an astonishing accomplishment. This incredible donation equates to 420,000kgs of food, including sweetcorn, butternut squash, courgettes, sweet potatoes and asparagus. The donation of 1 million meals is associated with 1592 tonnes of GHGs that would have been wasted. 

Every item of food donated has reached thousands of households through innovative projects including Grub Club, an in-school campaign donating food to school communities and educating students about food waste, and collaborations with housing associations such as VIVID in conjunction with Hampshire County Council to reach more growers and producers across Hampshire. UKHarvest run and manage 16 community food hubs, a community kitchen in London, Nourish Hub, and donate to local and national charities such as Stop Domestic Abuse and YMCA.  

Following the much-anticipated announcement that the government have allocated 15m to securing the redistribution of surplus food produced and grown in UK to ensure it reaches the households of those that need it most, combined with the commitment from King Charles III Charitable Fund’s Coronation Food Project to bridge the gap between food waste and food insecurity, there has never been a more prevalent, and supported time for growers to work closely with charities to ensure food waste and food insecurity is reduced across the supply chain. 

The donation process is a simple and an efficient way to prevent surplus food from going to waste as well as substantially reducing costs for the producers as well as aiding in the reduction of GHGs. In a report conducted in 2022, WWF revealed that 2.9 million tonnes of edible food not suitable for sale, was wasted which is associated to nearly 11 million tonnes of GHGs. The financial savings of donating food are also beneficial for to producers across the waste removal process, from labour to transportation.  

Kim Barfoot-Brace, Brand and Marketing Manager at Barfoots has been pivotal in the ongoing success of the relationship between UKHarvest and Barfoots. Kim shared that ‘We’re proud to support UKHarvest in the fantastic work they do within our community, reducing food insecurity, and bringing people together in the process. We’re delighted to have reached this significant milestone; long may our partnership continue.’ 

Simon Thresher is the Operations Manager at UKHarvest. Having been with the charity for 5 years, he has been one of the key people working with Kim, and her team. Simon said ‘Working with Kim, and the team at Barfoots has not only been an incredibly prolific and proficient partnership, but we’ve strived to ensure that any food donated to UKHarvest reaches those that need it, with minimal impact on Barfoots incredible operations. We don’t charge to collect and redistribute food donations and regularly invite Barfoots staff, from the MD to pickers and packers to join us in the warehouse, kitchen and in our community food hubs to see how their donation positively impacts so many people.’ On a recent volunteer day, a member of the Barfoots team shared that “To see the journey of the food to the people it supports was amazing, it really hits home to how many lives UKHarvest touches.” 

UKHarvest are actively seeking new partnerships and plan to keep building on the existing successes such as the collaboration with Barfoots, and other producers and growers around the country. If you would like to discuss how you can be part of the food rescue and redistribution operation, please contact UKHarvest here.