Veggie Pigs in a Blanket

25 Nov 2022




200g block of halloumi

1 medium sized aubergine or courgette

1 tsp of honey

Garnish with any herbs

Salt & Pepper


Top Tips

Make these ahead of time and just pop into the oven to warm up before serving.

Play around with different cheeses and sauces!


  1. Thinly slice your vegetables lengthways to about 5mm thickness.
  2. Salt vegetables and leave for 5-10 minutes then dab the water off with paper towel. This will remove excess water, prevent them from soaking up oil and make the vegetables more moist.
  3. Heat a fry pan on medium heat, add some oil and fry the vegetables until slightly brown and soft.
  4. Cut the halloumi block into 10 bite size pieces approximately 2cm x 2cm thick.
  5. Fry the halloumi on the same pan until lightly golden.
  6. Wrap each halloumi piece with your aubergine/courgette and place a toothpick in the center to hold it in place.
  7. Mix oil, honey and lemon juice then drizzle over the pigs in a blanket and season with some pepper.
  8. Transfer to a plate and garnish with herbs and serve as a starter.