One Tray Festive Seasonal Side

25 Nov 2022




750g mixture of root vegetables (parsnips/carrots/pumpkin/squash/beetroot/potatoes)


50 mL oil

4 cloves garlic

1 Tbs Honey

1 Tbs Mixed herbs

Top Tips

Don’t peel the vegetables – leaving the skin on will increase your fibre consumption, give you more nutrients and avoid food waste!

This is a great festive side dish or you can add these roasted root vegetables to spinach to make a warm salad.


  1. Preheat oven to 2000C/1800C fan/Gas Mark 6.
  2. Cut the vegetables into batons and if using pumpkin or beetroot into bite-size wedges.
  3. Make the marinade - finely dice the garlic and add oil, honey and mixed herbs.
  4. Put vegetables into a mixing bowl and pour over the dressing. Mix until all vegetables are coated.
  5. Transfer to a baking tray and roast vegetables for 35 minutes or until all cooked through and golden brown.