Thank you! 

We are thrilled to partner with Pollen + Grace who will be donating profits from their Doctor's Kitchen range and providing support to our education team! Their commitment to providing nutritious, healthy meals and their desire to invest in food education, will ensure we can continue fighting food waste and eliminate hunger to feed, nourish and educate.

The money Pollen + Grace donate will be put directly into our education programme, ensuring young people gain the skills and knowledge they need to live a healthy life. They will also provide us access to their recipes, team of chefs and nutritional knowledge to enhance the education and engagement opportunities on offer. So keep an eye out for exciting projects coming up. 

“We were hugely inspired by UK Harvest’s work with communities that struggle to access to good, nutritious food. Our values are very much aligned: we admire their passion and dedication to not only distributing food to minimise waste but also educating people on nutrition and how to cook using the ingredients they have access to."

- Kristina Komlosiova, P+G Co-Founder

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