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We are working with foodbanks to help the local community. 

Ever wondered how the food we rescue gets used, or how it benefits your local community? We deliver food to over 175 charities and organisations on a weekly basis, helping them reach and support the most vulnerable people in our society 

But how does this make an impact? Well, the team at Caring Hands Portsmouth are an excellent example of just how our rescued food is helping to support local communities 

Caring Hands, based in Portsmouth, provide emergency food parcels to over 350 individuals and families in need of support, every single weekThrough the most recent lockdown, we have been supplying food to help them feed the Portsmouth communityalso helping to reduce waste by emptying our active warehouse  

We were lucky enough to be gifted a variety of meat over the last few months. From pies to sausages (and even pheasant!), Caring hands were able to add this meat to their food parcels, which each provide 3 days of food. The stacks of fresh fruit and veg delivered to us by our kind donors, also made it’s way into these parcels, with potatoes, parsnips and peppers making a particular star appearance.  

The response we have received from their recipients has been amazing, with one person telling us: 

"Thank you so much... I currently have some happy pie and mash eaters."? 

A recipient from Caring Hands 


Their fantastic 4 -12 week food support program offers their recipients some breathing space whilst benefits/grants are put in place as long term support.?Much like UKHarvest, the end goal is always a sustainable future!  

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