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We are supporting hard workers who keep our nation nourished

From dedicated volunteers, to the organisations, charities, and community groups providing support - we love hard workers here at UKHarvest!

Nobody has been working harder than the Full Up team, providing hot meals every day for children in the Selsey area. Initially started in October 2020, as an idea to provide meals for children in need throughout the school holidays, Full Up has only grown, now providing meals on a regular basis outside holidays too. Who would have guessed that a simple idea had on a Sunday night before half term would grow into the support network that it is today!

They provide a hot meal (including a pudding of course!), to children across the community. These are then delivered by volunteer drivers direct to the families- both UKHarvest and Full Up have that in common!

With an A+ for creativity, nothing goes to waste at Full Up, making inventive puddings and main dinners to use up any food we deliver to them.  From lasagne to burgers, some meals are created using only UK harvest ingredients, so the varied nature of food rescue allows for a very diverse menu.

One week we managed to get hold of some chips- it caused a great deal of excitement!

Apple crumble, chocolate sponge and custard and rocky road are just a few of the pudding’s that Full Up provide. They’ve even come up with their own inventions such as Sophie’s Sponge and Chocolate Cuddle, which sound delicious!

One third of all food produced is wasted, yet we currently live in a society where people can go hungry. We are trying to change this, making sure that the nation is nourished and that we are working towards a cleaner and more sustainable future for our planet. If you want to join the UKHarvest team, why not volunteer with us?

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