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The Tennyson Team Challenge!


Tennyson Insurance have been one of our local champions this last year. Having made us Charity of the Year for 2021 they were determined not only to donate funds to UKHarvest but get their teams involved in the work we do. Over the course of several months their ‘WFH staff’ came in pairs each week to help out at the Charles Avenue Pop Up Pantry, round the corner from their Head Office. This proved such a good way for their staff to have a break from their screens and connect each week with the tangible work that we do in the local area. Tennyson could see how important this subsidised food was to the local residents and have been very creative at raising money through; Euro 2020 sweepstakes, sponsorship for their runners in The Great South Run, and through their monthly Give As You Earn scheme for employees.

By way of thanks, we have hosted; a company wide online webinar about how to reduce food waste at home, tours of our warehouse, and as a finale a Team Challenge in our Training Kitchen at Donnington. This was designed for three teams of three to create a delicious savoury meal within a 90 minute time frame, from a wide range of ingredients rescued by UKHarvest. Our chef Simon threw in some additional blindfolded challenges on taste, touch and smell during the cooking process as a chance to win additional marks for their team.


After much chatter, chopping and cooking the three teams presented their meals for all to share and were awarded marks for:

  • Taste & Presentation
  • Creativity including using the most wasted ingredient
  • Minimising food waste

This proved to be a precious chance for the Tennyson Team to engage over a well earned meal and understand more about food rescue across the supply chain and the issues we all face in reducing food waste. The feedback from Tennyson was that this really was a successful way to reconnect teams across different departments. As a result, Tennyson have now kindly announced that they are keen to support UKHarvest for a second year and ensure that their energy can be employed across further volunteering opportunities.


We have loved working with such a strong local partner. It shows how business can really benefit charities whilst also giving much needed opportunities back to their staff to engage around key issues in their communities. We look forward to 2022!


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