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Summer Holiday Cookery Club


Its not long now until our 2022 Summer Holiday Cookery Club in Petworth, Bognor Regis and Littlehampton! Designed for children aged 8 - 14 eligible for pupil premium, we'll help them develop their cookery skills, try new flavours and learn the importance of healthy eating.


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We've been running holiday programmes for over a year and enjoyed every one! Each time we teach new skills and try new activities to keep your children entertained and learning the benfits of healthy eating and reducing food waste. See what some of the other parents had to say about our previous sessions: 

“My daughter learned about healthy foods, food sustainability and had an opportunity to try foods in forms that she'd not done before. She also had an opportunity to mix with children other than her peers from school which was hugely beneficial. She always felt welcomed and enjoyed the sessions.” 

"This was delivered by the very enthusiastic and welcoming UK Harvest team with cooking activities, craft and thought-provoking games. All four of my children clearly retained a good deal of the information presented and were happy to describe skills they had learned about. This included subjects such as healthy eating, food preparation and where our foods come from. They also learned about being wise with food and how to minimise food waste."