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Square Mile Farms at The Nourish Hub

We’ve teamed up with Square Mile Farms to bring Farmstands to Shepherds Bush! And they’ve been a massive hit amongst young people attending our Nourish Summer Clubs.

150 young people have attended the Nourish Summer Clubs, and kids and parents alike have been immediately drawn to the three white towers - commenting that look as they belong in a spaceship as opposed to our community café and education centre and questioning what they are. They’re fascinated to find out that these futuristic-looking towers grow produce such as kale, chard, coriander, thyme and rosemary.

Square Mile Farms is on a mission to make Urban Farming a lifestyle. They install urban farms where people live and work to create beautiful, functional spaces that enrich the lives of city dwellers, providing them the physical and mental wellbeing benefits of plants, whilst promoting a healthier, more sustainable food culture. The Farmstands are self-watering hydroponic systems. A small pump circulates water and nutrients from the base of the stand to the top. The nutrient-rich water then trickles down the interior of the stand feeding the plants at their roots. They're growing all sorts of herbs and leafy greens, indoors, all year round!

We’ve been using the towers in our summer clubs to teach kids first-hand how to grow food, giving tips that they’ll be able to use at home. The produce we’ve already grown has gone into cookery sessions with the kids and future produce will even be used in our café! This has already proven a fantastic way to teach people first-hand how to grow, while developing cookery skills introducing them to new flavours and dishes to make up part of their healthy, balanced diet.

One kid said “This has been amazing; I never knew this was how basil grew! I’ve tried so many new flavours”.

Urban Farmer Dish from Square Mile Farms has been inspiring young minds by joining our sessions and teaching young people to grow at home. We’ve used plastic water bottles, brought along by the children, and upcycled them into self-watering plant pots to grow lettuce. He’s been showing the children how to harvest from the towers and encouraging them to try the leafy greens straight after being picked – the looks of joy when you see faces surprised by the flavours of thyme, rosemary and coriander is special.

We’re excited by our collaboration with Square Mile Farms, whose mission really does fall close to ours - to reconnect you with nature and community, reduce your impact on the environment and improve physical and mental wellbeing. The towers have already been invaluable and we look forward to future projects.

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