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So many books!

Here at the UKHarvest, we briefly turned our HQ in Donnington into a library!

Penguin Random House kindly donated us 3 tonnes of books to distribute to the organisations that we work with. From children’s books, to adult books, we had a huge range of exciting and informative literature, which we were able to find new homes for.

We really couldn’t have done this without our volunteers who helped with every aspect of this journey. From collecting the books in our bright yellow vans, to working tirelessly to group all the stock into five different categories ready for delivery, they ensured each book would be distributed to the people who would enjoy it most.

Beneficiaries received everything from autobiographies written by some of the world’s most inspirational figures, such as Michelle Obama, to the beautifully illustrated works of Beatrix potter, and were divided to cater to the specific needs of each community.

When books are not sold in supermarkets and book shops, they are mixed with bleach to be recycled. Unfortunately, this bleach used in the recycling process can damage our environment, so it was fortunate that we knew plenty of keen readers who were willing to give these books a home!

Despite being predominantly a food rescue charity, we are also an education-based organisation and deeply care about preventing unnecessary waste and damage to our environment. Therefore, we were very excited at the opportunity to help spread the enjoyment of reading, in a world where we are very often reliant on technology for entertainment and information.

A special thanks to all our volunteers who helped with the sort. You did a fantastic job and rose to the challenge, despite the unusual task. You are truly amazing.

We have over 80 brilliant volunteers working with us, and they do everything from sorting products, to driving the vans that delivered the literature to its new home! If you are interested in joining our volunteer team, please click here…