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Recycle with Higgidy 

Higgidy have kindly donated surplus ingredients for UKHarvest to turn into ready to eat meals for homeless refuges, domestic abuse shelters and Pantry network.  

UKHarvest were delighted to receive a call from the fabulous Higgidy team in Shoreham with the offer of excess ingredients, following their recent new menu trials.  We were only too thrilled to repurpose their tasty pie fillings and sauces to create new ready to eat meals for our hungry recipients. 

Higgidy are widely known for their delicious pies, quiches, picnic food and for being a B Corp business who have always given back to their community and are proactive in reducing waste.  By partnering with them, we have helped ensure that no precious food has been wasted and with our team of creative chefs we have re-purposed their food into nutritious ready to heat meals that we can distribute to our network of charities and pantries.   

Initially, our drivers brought 400kgs of bechamel back to our training kitchen for our UKHarvest chefs to work their magic, and combined with rescued broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus, they cooked up tasty mac n’cheese and gratins. This was followed by pie fillings of chicken, leek and beef where we combined an excess of wonky sweet potatoes to make hundreds of new “Meat & Mash” dishes. 

Thanks to a recent Coast to Capital grant which funded the fit out of our new training kitchen in Donnington, UKHarvest have been able to re-purpose more food, quicker. These dishes can be chilled and stored in our walk in freezer until they are ready to be despatched on our refrigerated vans to those who need it most.  The response from our recipients has been fantastic! Whilst we champion education as the key to eating well on a budget, these ready meals have been greatly appreciated providing a quick and nutritious option for people to heat up at home. 

With National Recycle week we want to promote and encourage every effort for us all to think twice before wasting any food at home. So many leftovers can be used as a base for a new dish or added to soups, pies or casseroles or frozen as excess to be defrosted and used at a later date. 

Please visit our UKHarvest website for more food waste tips, recipes and ideas and follow us on social media @ukharvest  

Huge thanks go to the Team @Higgidy and their fabulous food on