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New Partnership Announcement: Pollen + Grace

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Pollen + Grace, who will be donating a percentage of profits from their natural and delicious ‘Doctors Kitchen’ range in collaboration with DR Rupy Aujla. But their kindness doesn’t stop there, with outstanding knowledge on healthy eating, lifestyle advice and seasonal ingredients expect to see their expertise scattered across our educational assets.

As a brand using only fresh products, no nasty preservatives, and made to order, they are fully aligned with our values of reducing food waste while promoting a healthy lifestyle. We would have loved them to donate us surplus food, but fortunately for the planet, they don’t make any! Instead with Pollen + Grace’s experience and Dr Rupy’s knowledge, we will 'Nourish Our Nation' through the education of nutritional food.

“Our recipes aren't just a bunch of ingredients, they’re carefully designed by our chefs and nutritionists to create a balanced plate - a kaleidoscope of delicious, nutrient-packed fruit and veg."

- Stephanie Johnson, Co-Founder on Pollen + Grace

Both The Doctor’s Kitchen and Pollen + Grace share great recipes online, and knowing they only make natural healthy products we’d thoroughly recommend taking a look. We love them so much our very own Hairy Harvesters will be cooking one of our favourite recipes from their range this week!

We will be using their generous donations to host our education sessions for young people. These sessions will be hosted by our Education Team, Nutritionist, and Professional Chefs to ensure valuable cooking and nutrition are taught to help prevent food insecurity and food waste simultaneously.

Both Pollen + Grace and DR Rupy Aujla are excited to share their knowledge across our education programmes, so expect to see guest appearances and further exciting projects with this awesome duo.

You can find Pollen + Grace in Co-op and Tesco nationwide, as well as on

“We were hugely inspired by UK Harvest’s work with communities that struggle to access to good, nutritious food. Our values are very much aligned: we admire their passion and dedication to not only distributing food to minimise waste but also educating people on nutrition and how to cook using the ingredients they have access to. We are very excited to join them on their mission, not only by donating thanks to the sales of our Doctor’s Kitchen and seasonal products but also by sharing our knowledge of how to create super nutritious meals.”

- Kristina Komlosiova,

Co-Founder of Pollen + Grace:

“We are absolutely thrilled to be partnering with Pollen + Grace as their values are so well aligned with ours as a charity. We really look forward to working closely with their team and The Doctors Kitchen. Their commitment to providing nutritious, healthy meals and their desire to invest in food education, will ensure UKHarvest can continue fighting food waste to feed, nourish and educate.”

- Yvonne Thomson, UKHarvest CEO