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Its always a good time to learn to cook!

‘At the grand of old age of 74, I wanted to be a bit more helpful in the kitchen as my wife did all the cooking’. 


It’s never too late to learn to cook! For whatever reason you have for not being acquainted with your kitchen- we welcome all ages who want to gain some culinary knowledge and cut down on food waste. 


Brian, aged 74, came on board with us during the early months of 2021. He was keen to gain confidence in the kitchen, having a particular reason for doing so. ‘I have been married coming up to 50 years this May and it’s our Golden Wedding anniversary. I wanted to cook for my wife as a celebration.’ 


He was also incredibly health conscious, hoping to improve his diet and learn the joys that healthy, nutritional food can provide, telling us: ‘I am being mindful of my health as I am diagnosed as pre diabetic.’ A prediabetic diet must be carefully managed to prevent the development of diabetes. In other words, eating nice and healthy and maintaining a balance. 


Eating healthy is all about knowing what makes up a healthy balanced diet – eating from all the food groups and maintaining a happy relationship with food. That’s what our NourishEd programmes help people towards.  


Additionally, if you’ve never had the pleasure of cooking for your loved ones, there is nothing better than surprising someone you care about with a delicious meal. ‘My wife has certainly enjoyed the fact she didn’t have to cook every night’ said Brian after he had cooked one night. ‘she enjoyed the recipe and even cleared up afterwards!’ 


After the course’s conclusion, Brian explained ‘The course has given me confidence and I no longer feeling like ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’ anymore in the kitchen.’  

The aim of our courses is always to lay foundations that our participants can build on, building independence in the kitchen to go beyond just the duration of the course. So when Brian told us, ‘The course has totally inspired me to proceed to get better and better as I go along.’ we were thrilled. 


If you would like to join one of our ‘Finger licking good courses’, (Brian’s words, not ours!) visit our events page to see what courses we are doing in your area. 

(And for anyone who is invested- We believe Brian and his wife had a lovely anniversary, and we wish them all the best for the future!) 

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