What we do

Our purpose is to nourish our nation.

UKHarvest is a not-for-profit perishable food rescue operation that collects quality excess food from commercial outlets and delivers it, direct and free of charge, to charities.

We provide much needed assistance to vulnerable people, collecting surplus food from all types of food providers, including fruit and vegetable markets, supermarkets, hotels, wholesalers, farmers, stadiums, corporate events, catering companies, shopping centres, delis, cafes, restaurants, film and TV shoots and boardrooms.

Alongside food redistribution, we provide educational resources providing the principles of nutrition and how we can all fight food waste. This includes our engaging and educational cookery and nutrition courses, NourishEd. NourishEd uses fresh, rescued produce to create healthy, balanced meals from fresh ingredients, across multi-week or bespoke courses, and pop-up events.

UKHarvest is based on the original OzHarvest model which was founded in November 2004, by Ronni Kahn.

There are four pillars that underpin the work that we at UKHarvest do


We are on a mission to eliminate hunger and food waste through the redistribution of quality surplus food. We collect perishable food from places like supermarkets, hotels, wholesalers, farmers, stadiums, catering companies, shopping centres, delis, cafes, restaurants, film and TV shoots and boardrooms in our refrigerated yellow vans and take it, directly and free of charge, to charities who are helping vulnerable men, women and children in the UK.


Embracing community support for UKHarvest lies at the heart of our purpose. We offer a range of opportunities for the community to engage with our family through volunteering and being involved in our initiatives. In turn, the goodness spreads through our family, adding purpose to peoples' lives through meaningful action.


The old adage of give someone a fish and they’ll eat for a day, show them how to fish and they’ll eat for a lifetime might sound trite, but it's TRUE! Educating and raising awareness about food waste, food rescue, food security and sustainability is central to our vision. Protecting and improving the environment through our actions deeply matters to us. Promoting nutrition education is paramount. Providing hospitality training and mentoring for disadvantaged youth drives us onwards and upwards, together.


Whether it’s finding new ways and solutions to combat food waste and hunger, to using technology to mobilise Brits to take meaningful action. The food rescue model we use has been implemented and adapted across the globe and we intend to pay it forward.