International Food Rescue Partners

UKHarvest is proud to partner with some amazing food rescue organisations around the world.


OzHarvest is the first perishable food rescue organisation in Australia. OzHarvest was founded in November 2004 by Ronni Kahn, who was named Australia’s Local Hero of the Year in 2010.

In 2005, Kahn together with pro-bono lawyers lobbied the state governments to amend legislation to allow potential food donors to donate surplus food to charitable organisations.

The Civil Liabilities Amendment Act was passed in NSW in 2005 with ACT, SA and QLD following. This ensured surplus food could be donated to charitable causes without fear of liability.


In March 2015, KiwiHarvest began delivering goodness to Auckland’s charities. Every month we deliver the equivalent of 20,000 meals to over 45 Auckland charities. KiwiHarvest is here to create lasting positive change so that good food does not go to waste. Moreover, those that need nourishment will receive it.


SA HARVEST collects quality surplus food in refrigerated vehicles from a variety of sources and delivers it direct, without delay, and free of charge, to a wide variety of organisations that feed food-vulnerable people on a daily basis.

ThaiHarvest|SOS - Thailand

ThaiHarvest|SOS is a food rescue foundation that collects surplus food from commercial outlets and delivers it, direct and free of charge, to communities in need.

We give much needed assistance to people by providing meals and supporting small farms, collecting surplus food from all types of food providers including; fruit and vegetable markets, supermarkets, hotels, wholesalers, farmers, corporate events, catering companies, shopping centers, delis, cafes, and restaurants.

The ThaiHarvest|SOS model is based on the OzHarvest model which was founded in November 2004, by Ronni Kahn and the Scholars of Sustenance tenants founded by Bo H. Holmgreen in 2014. 


We are a nonprofit organization designed to relieve the hunger of those in need.


Equoevento is a non-profit organisation born in December 2013 in Rome by five young professionals who realised the enormous food waste created by events. They wanted to find a solution to rescue and donate surplus food for charities, shelters, the poor and those in need.

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