NourishEd 6 week cookery course

Does it feel like everywhere you look, people are telling you that you should be eating a nutritious and well-balanced diet? Not sure how to eat the food that nourishes your body and soul? NourishEd will help you to discover the answer to these questions! We’ll help you to understand the food you are eating and to discover what you need to eat as part of a well-balanced diet. NourishEd will give you the confidence to prepare simple, healthy meals and to have fun doing it! Free for residents of Adur & Worthing

Thu 9th Jan - Thu 20th Feb
6:00 pm
Lovett Court, Maybridge Square, Worthing BN12 6HB

This event is now closed

UKHarvest Nourish Complete - Our 6 week Cookery Programme

Nourished Complete is a six session course covering all aspects of healthy eating, cooking skills, meal planning, budgeting, reducing sugar, understanding food labelling, getting more active, environmental impact of food production & waste – everything participants need to be able to make good choices regarding theirs and their families eating habits. The course includes participants completing a Level 1 Food Hygiene certificate.

Session 1 – Where to start

• Understanding The Eatwell Guide • The Building Blocks of a Balanced Diet • Good Foundations –Building a Healthy Breakfast • Recipes

Session 2 – Understand what you eat

• Natural & Added 'Free' Sugar • Get Active –It really does work! • Recipes

Session 3 – Sweet Enough

• Food labelling -What does it all mean? • How Much –Knowing your portions • Building a Healthy Meal -Eating the rainbow! • Food Safety , Kitchen Check , Recipes

Session 4 – Fats & Salts

• Do we need fat in our diet? • Easy ways to reduce the fat we eat • Salt • Takeaway Temptation • Recipes

Session 5 – Stretching the budget

• Planning Ahead • Where to Start? • Freezing • Reheating the right way • Recipes

Session 6 - It’s a wrap!

• Top tips for healthy eating • Keeping a food diary • How does our diet impact the environment? • Recipes

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