Create your own event

Hold an exciting and informative session to fight food waste in the home! This would make an ideal team-building exercise or something different for you and your community.

We can create a bespoke event to meet your needs such as a team-building activity or a community* day. This will be a fun and creative learning experience, exploring ways to reduce household food waste while learning to cook delicious meals. Whatever your objective, we can create a unique event to cater to your needs.  

We specialise in sessions on the theme of healthy eating, cookery skills and fighting food waste! We can host events online or in-person and often provide live online cook-a-longs, informational presentations, or interactive, engaging food education sessions for all ages. We even have a pizza oven on a trailer and attend local environmental fayres. 

We have a team of qualified chefs, nutritionists and teachers who are willing to support your journey. What’s more, is that you know that the session you buy will be helping our charity to fund food to those who need it most. 

We create bespoke events, but scroll down to see examples we’ve previously carried out for some ideas.  

*If you’re looking for a course for a community group, ask us to find out if we have funding available to support your project. 


How to purchase

You can email us at if you are interested in our events! Or you can call us on 01243 696 940

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Example Events

Online Cook-a-long! 

UKHarvest can deliver a 2-hour online cook-a-long via zoom! We can lead a group of participants to cook their own two-course meal with our food waste expert and professional chef. Not only will your participants make their own delicious meal, but they'll learn environmentally friendly and money-saving tips to help reduce their food waste in the home. We can highlight the issues surrounding food waste and offer interesting facts that will keep them talking about food waste for years!

We can tailor the meal to suit your dietary needs, use a menu of the most wasted foods, and promote healthy eating. At the end of the session, your participants can sit down and enjoy the meal they have prepared together.

Pizza Oven

We have a pizza oven on a trailer that we can bring to your local event! We can use this to cater for your party or provide outside training on how to cook pizza. Pizza is a great 'fridge raider' recipe, where you can use leftover ingredients for the topping, perfect for avoiding waste.   

Cook Off

If you have a small team who are up for a challenge we'd love to host a cook off! We'll invite you to our kitchen, present a random selection of rescued produce to your teams, and see who can cook the best meal. Using only rescued ingredients, you'll have to get creative and make a meal that everyone enjoys the most. 

Group Volunteering

If you're looking for a worthy course and not sure what event to choose, why not volunteer for a day and help us to nourish our nation!? You'll gain a real insight into UKHarvest and the issue of food waste in the UK. You can join us in the kitchen and cook meals, drive our vans to deliver food and meet our recipient charities, or work in the warehouse to sort and pack produce.